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Special Glass Effect on Text - Photoshop Tutorial

Special Glass Effect on Text - Photoshop Tutorial

Hello there ! Here in this Tutorial we going to show you How to create A Simple Text with Glass effect on it. ! Here i use Adobe Photoshop CS3 extended software. First i Start with creating a Pattern to apply on the Text and Then start with The work. You can also make this project in simple steps , But to make more clear understanding i extended the steps.

So Lets start with the Steps .

1. First we start with the Pattern , to create ; Open a new Document , for that select File > New . Then Choose the Width 100 and Heigh 100 , then click OK [ Picture 1]


2. Now with Rectangular marquee tool ( M ) , select a portion as shown below [ Picture 2 ]

Picture 2

3 Change the Foreground colour to RED ( #ff0000 ) as shown [ Picture 3 ]

4. Now from the Keaboard press ALT+ backspace , hence the selection is filled as shown [ Picture 4 ]

5. Now go to EDIT > Define pattern and Name the pattern as REDLINE PATTERN , you can aslo name as you like , and this pattern name will appear on the Pattern list to choose , later we discuss.
[ Picture 5 ] .

Click ok and Close

Now the pattern is created .

Now we have to Create a new Document file ,

6. Press Ctrl+N or from the menu FILE > New . I rename the file as "Special glass text" ( for my understanding ) and i make changes as highlighted in the Picture [ Picture 6 ]

7 . Now i going to fill the Background Layer with Gradient , take Gradient tool ( G ) and Choose the Gradient as shown in [ Picture 7 ] and [ Picture 8 ]
Colours Choosed for gradient shown in Picture8 are #b5de29 , #cee76b , # f7ffe7

8. After choosing gradient , click and drag downwards as shown below [Picture 9] now The background is done !

Next create some shapes with marquee tool on a new layer to apply as a background theme for the Creating TEXT ..

9 . Create new Layer , from keaboard press Ctrl+SHIFT+N and name it as "Oval shapes" or you can also create new layer by clicking on the icon as shown ( picture 10 and 11 }

10. Now with ELLIPTICAL marquee tool select a Portion as shown and next we Minus a portion from that selection [ Picture 12 and 13 ]

11. next Fill the Selection , Press SHIFT+F5 from keaboard and in Contents > choose Color , i use light green [ #00ff36 ] , as shown [ Picture 14 , 15 ] now press Ctrl+D to deselect the seletion.

12. next we have to make some copies. here we have couple of methods to copy a shape. We either Dublicate the layer by pressing Ctrl+J or we hold ALT key + click and drag the shape to get a copy. Now transform the copied shape , Ctrl+T ,and rotate 90 degree ( Right click inside the transform and choose > Rotate 90degree CW ) or as shown and place little upward to original as shown and then Press Enter [Picture 16 , 17 , 18 ]

13. Now change the colour of the copied shape, for this i first select the copied layer and HOLD Ctrl and click inside the area as shown and choose red colour ( foreground colour we created earlier ) by Pressing ALT+backspace , now the shape is filled with red colour, Press Ctrl+D to deselect the selection. [ picture 19 ]

14 . next i make some copies and fliped by Using ALT+click and drag to copy and Transform ( Ctrl+T ) and right click .. choose rotate Horizontally and for other Choose Rotate vertically and Arrange as shown. Apply the colurs by Hue/Saturation ( Ctrl+U ) on each duplicated shape as shown [ Picture 20 ,21,22 ]

15 now arrange the shapes in order as shown [ Picture23 ]

Next merge all the 4 layers ( Shapes )

16 Select all the 4 layers , For selecting you have two ways , One is by Holding Ctrl and click each layer or select the Top layer and HOLD SHIFT and Click the Bottom layer ( just about the backgroud layer ) so the layers in btween them get selected. as shown [ Picture 24 ]

17 Now to merge Go Layers > Merge layers or Ctrl+E from keaboard. thus the 4 shapes come in One layer. [ Picture 25 ]
Now go to FILTER > Distort > Wave and Change the value of Number of generations to "1" , then OK

18 . Now go to distort the shape with Transform tool ( Ctrl+T ) . Select the layer and Ctrl+T to get the transform and right click > Distort . Now click on topright point and drag , similarly do it on left to distort as shown [ picture 26 ] .
Now change the Later Opacity to "29"

So the theme work is over. Now we create the TEXT and apply the blending options . and then we Copy the text and flip and delete a small potion to form Refection to the original text.

19. Create Text : Select the Horizontal Type tool ( T ) click on the Distorted shape area and write your text , here i wrote " Zero hour" ^_^ with Font 'Venus Rising' and Text size 37 . as shown [ picture 27 ]
. U dont have to be worried about the text colour .

20 . Now we going to apply Blending options on the text. For this Double click on Text layer or right click on Text layer and choose Blending Options . [ Picture 28 ]

Now make changes as shown to the Blending option INNER SHADOW , Bevel and Emboss , Colour overlay , Gradient Overlay , and Pattern Overlay [ Pictures 29 , 30 , 31 , 32 , 33 ]

21. In pattern overlay we choose the pattern ( Redline ) that we created in the beginning of this Tutorial .

22. Now the text appear as shown in the picture 34

23. Now for the reflection We make a Copy of the original Text by holding ALT+click and drag downward . and to Flip , select Transform ( Ctrl+T) , and right click > choose Flip Vertical and Press Enter , You can use Cursor keys Up , Down ( on keaboard ) to adjust the position of Text. [ Picture 35]

24 next we have to Rasterize the Duplicated text by selecting the layer and Right click on it > Rasterize Type OR go Layers> Rasterize > Type. [ Picture 36 ]

25 . Now we have to Merge with a new layer , so that All the blending option on the later remains on it and the text form as a layer Object , which help in smooth editing.
So lets create new layer ( Ctrl+Shift+N ) Just above the Duplicated text layer as shown and Drag the new layer Down to the Duplicated text layer or Just select the Original Text layer and click on the icon -New layer ( described in STEP 9 ) and Press Ctrl+E ( to merge ) as shown [ Picture 37 , 38 ]

26. Next we delete a Portion from the layer bye Rectangular Marquee tool and choosing the feather amount 18 and select as shown and Press Delete from keaboard . [ Picture 39 , 40 ]

27 Now go to transform [ Ctrl+T ] and right click and Choose Perspective and move the lower right point to left and again Right click > Distort and move the middle point upward and Press Enter . [ Picture 41 , 42 , 43 , 44 ]

And thats all . Now we created it !! .

To save the project as jpg image Ctrl+SHIFT+S and change the format to jpg . Hope you enjoyed :-) .. Cheers

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